Equipment and Swimwear

What's needed and where to get it

In order to get the most out of training we need your swimmer to bring the following equipment to your all sessions please: ·

  • Mesh kit bag (to put everything in)
  • Peanut/pull buoy
  • Kick Board
  • Hand paddles
  • Training fins
  • Training snorkel
  • Drinking water (at least 500ml in a suitable bottle)

 When purchasing the kit bags and equipment, there are hundreds of options for styles, brands, colours and prices. There are web addresses some links at the bottom of this page so you can see the wide variety available – this list is not exclusive and there are loads of other suppliers if you want to have a google around. 

You may also want to consider upgrading swimwear and goggles as ordinary swimwear won’t be able to cope with the amount of time and frequency you are in the pool. Ordinary goggles struggle with the force of diving and turns and may start to let in water. Links for these are also at the bottom of this page. 
Sporty Swim is the Swim England, East Midland region nominated equipment provider and as such, we have a discount code should you chose to buy from them. Just enter "Rykneld" when asked to at the checkout for 10% off your order.

Swimwear Caution 

Please do not buy professional competitive/compression/pressure swimwear unless advised to do so by a coach and have it professionally fitted. These items usually cost £150 and up. They last around 5 races and are not suitable for training. Swimmers struggle to put them on and will often put their thumb through the material, making the suit unusable. These suits take over 10mins to put on (by seasoned swimmers) and some swimmers have been known to pass out due to the suits not being correctly fitted. These suits should only be used by elite swimmers. If you are unsure – please come and talk to one of us on poolside before purchasing.

Equipment Links: