Chesterfield Open

The Arc, Matlock, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April 2024

Saturday 6th April:

Session 1 warm up = 1pm

Session 2 warm up = TBC (keep an eye on Heja)

Sunday 7th April:

Session 3 warm up = 8.15am

Session 4 warm up = TBC (keep an eye on Heja)


  • Spectators will not be able to access the balcony until 12.45pm or until the swimming lessons at the Arc have finished.
  • Please make sure your swimmer is accompanied to the sports hall and that there is a Rykneld Team Manager in the sports hall to receive them.
  • Pool shoes/sliders/crocs/flipflops must be worn in the sports hall and when moving between the changing rooms and the sports hall
  • Please park considerately. Cars have previously been fined for illegal and inconsiderate parking. Please carshare wherever possible to help limit the number of cars in the car park.
  • Please impress upon your swimmer how important it is to be appropriately dressed while moving around the main leisure centre. No swimmer should be in a public area in just their swimwear.
  • Please also remind your swimmer that mobile devices capable of video and/or photography should not be out/in hand in the changing area. This is a Swim England regulation that must be adhered to by all swimmers. Anyone not complying with this regulation will have their device confiscated and may be asked to leave the competition immediately. 

Things to do before the event:

Things you/your swimmer will need to bring:

  • Going home clothes
  • Folding chair
  • Spare swimwear
  • Spare goggles
  • Towel for rub downs between races
  • Baggy tracksuit to go over your swimwear after rubdown to keep warm
  • Sliders/flip flops
  • At least 1 litre of water
  • Healthy snacks (click here for suitable items) 
  • Something to keep occupied between races such as colouring or reading.

Please do not remove your swimmer without speaking with the Team Manager first.

If you have any issues/questions before the event, please come and see one of the team.