Derbyshire ASA Counties Short Course

The Arc, Matlock. Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October 2023

The Derbyshire ASA Counties Short Course is a county-wide swimming competition for swimmers who:

  1.  Are members of Swim England
  2.  Are members of a Swim England affiliated swimming club in Derbyshire
  3.  Have achieved the appropriate qualifying times at a previous, licenced swimming  competition.

Please check the accepted entries and email RykneldSCMeets@gmail.com if something is not what is should be with your entries.

Please arrive at least 30mins before the warm up of your session. This is so you have time to locate your team, speak to your friends, receive instructions from your coach and team manager and get ready to swim before you go to poolside for your warm up.

Warm up times:

  • Session 1: 8.30am
  • Session 2: 12pm
  • Session 3: 3.15pm
  • Session 4: 8.30am
  • Session 5: 12pm
  • Session 6: 3.30pm

Rykneld team will be in the sports hall for the competition (not on poolside) so it is very important that as a swimmer:

  • You stay in the sports hall unless you are warming up or racing
  • If you need to go to the toilet, please speak with the Team Manager before going
  • You listen to the announcements and the Team Manager to make sure you do not miss your race
  • You remember your lane number when it is given to you by the Team Manager and/or stewards

You will need to bring:

  • Folding chair to sit on
  • Going home clothes
  • Spare swimwear
  • Spare goggles
  • Towel for rub downs between races
  • Baggy tracksuit to go over your swimwear after rubdown to keep warm
  • Sliders/flip flops
  • Healthy snacks 
  • At least 1 litre of water
  • Something to keep you occupied between races (a book to read, small boardgame, pens & paper etc)
  • A healthy lunch (if you are staying over lunchtime) as queues for the cafe can be quite long.
  • If you win a medal, please collect it and get it engraved ASAP to avoid having to hang around at the end of the day.

Parents, caregivers and supporters:
Thank you for the time, effort and support you give to Rykneld and your swimmer. Hopefully the following information will help you and your swimmer get the most enjoyment and longevity from the competitive side of swimming.

Please take a moment to read

Your swimmer will need to go downstairs to the sports hall to meet and sit with the team. We ask that you please do not accompany them downstairs unless this has been agreed prior to the competition with the coach and team manager. 

You will be able to see the sports hall from the viewing balcony, which is also where all spectators will be queuing for entry onto the swimming pool balcony.

Please do not remove your swimmer without speaking with the Team Manager first (usually a wave from the sports hall balcony is enough)

If you have any issues/questions before the event, please come and see one of the team. If you have a question on the day, Pam will be on the spectator balcony.