My First Swimming competition

How do I go to a competition?

  • You will receive an invite via Swim Club Manager and your personal email
  • Please respond to the invite ASAP
  • If you are unsure of anything, please speak to your swimmers' coach before responding

What if there is a competition but I haven't had an invite?

  • If you think you should have been invited, but haven't received anything, please check with the coach.
  • You will only be invited if you meet the criteria of the competition. Some competitions have age requirements, some need your swimmer to have set a certain time, some competitions require your swimmer to have set a certain time at a certain, previous race.
  • There are also occasions where the coaches will need to rotate the swimmer roster. These are usually for galas (eg. league events) where we are limited on how many swimmers we can take and also how many events a swimmer can compete in. In order to make sure every swimmer has an opportunity to attend these events, the coaches will rotate who they invite and who swims in which event. 

What happens at a competition?

Depending upon the event, lots of different things can and will happen. Check the Rykneld website for the specifics of individual competitions that you are attending. Below is a list of some very general things that happen at most events.

  • You will be given an arrival time and where to meet the Rykneld Team Manager. Please be punctual. The Team Manager will tell you where you can change and where to meet the rest of the team.
  • Team Managers are there to help you with anything in between races. They are also there to let you know when you have a race. Where the Team Managers work is referred to as Dry Side
  •  Coaches are there to help with any poolside items such as warm ups, races and race performance. 
  • Once you have changed into your swimwear and reported to your team area (given to you earlier when you saw your team manager), you will warm up. The Team Manager will let you know when it is your time to warm up and where you need to go.
  • The coach will meet you on poolside and let you know what your warm up is.
  • After warm up, report back to the Team Manager on dry side and wait for the team manager to tell you to report for your race.
  • After your race, report to the coach on poolside before returning to the team manager on dry side 
  • At the end of the event, the Team Manager will ask you to get changed and then report back to them. Even if you can see your parents/guardians, go back to the Team Manager who will then release you to your parents/guardians

Swimmer Safety

  • Always check with the Team Manager before you go to the toilet
  • Stay with your team
  • Please do not visit your parents/guardians at any time during a competition. Stay with your team.
  • At the end of the event, please wait for your team manager to release you to your parents/guardians. Do not leave without checking with the Team Manager first.

What to bring

Each competition is different, so please check the Rykneld website for "What to bring" for your specific event. Below is a general list of "what to bring" 

  • At every competition, you need to wear your Rykneld uniform.
  • A bag with a towel and change of clothing to go home in which can be stored in a locker
  • No mobile phones please unless previously agreed by Team Managers/Coaches
  • A towel for rub downs after warm up and races
  • Another towel or bath mat or folding chair to sit on (check your specific event for which is appropriate)
  • Loose, warm tracksuit to put on after rub down (to keep you warm in between races)
  • Poolside shoes (like sliders or flipflops) Must be worn when not in the pool
  • Something to keep you occupied while waiting for your races (pack of cards; colouring; reading; small board games etc.)
  • Spare goggles & swimsuit
  • Water, at least 1 litre.