Team Manager notes

Club Championships 22nd & 29th November 2019

Please wear Rykneld team kit

Warm up will start as close to 7pm as possible (schedule TBC)

Please make sure you have eaten a healthy meal (like pasta) before the gala.

No food is needed during the warm-up or the gala

Please make sure swimmers sit on the windowsill side on the pool

No parents on poolside please unless agreed by Head Coach in advance (or if you are officiating  ) Please address any concerns you have with your child's teacher or coach before the Club Champs event.

The reasons for this (apart from the obvious safeguarding aspect) are:

  1. Space - the poolside is going to be very full
  2. Team Building - Club Champs is the perfect safe and familiar place to introduce your swimmer to a gala environment. We want them to get into a habit of referring to their teachers and coaches on poolside after a race and we would like them to start building good relationships with their team. Sometimes (especially if it's their first gala) swimmers can get upset or frightened. As a coaching and teaching team, we would like the opportunity to help them through this because it helps us better support them and get to know them as an individual. Obviously, if we fail or the swimmer becomes really upset, we will come and get you  


What to bring in your bag:

  • 2 Towels (one to sit on, one to dry yourself at the end of the gala)
  • Poolside shoes
  • Something to read/colour/keep you occupied while waiting for your race
  • Spare Rykneld hat
  • Spare Goggles
  • Spare Swimwear
  • Water
  • Any medication (agreed with Team Manager)
  • Going home clothes